About Setaweet


The Setaweet Story

Setaweet started as a women-only group that meets every second Tuesday of the month to discuss various personal topics from a feminist perspective. This grew into the Setaweet Open Sessions, which are open to all members of the public and feature authors and academics discussing aspects of Ethiopian culture from a feminist perspective. In these consciousness-building discussions and presentations, we engage the Ethiopian community at large and reinforce the importance of having both women and men working towards gender equality in our country.

The custodian of the Setaweet Movement is Setaweet PLC, the first feminist research and training company in Ethiopia which offers tailor-made gender equality services for schools, agencies and corporate companies. Setaweet trainings are custom-made to the unique requirements of each client company. The services rendered are on assertiveness, women’s leadership at the workplace, sexual harassment, gender-based violence and more. The Setaweet Story is evolving, our activism is growing, and our dedication to women’s liberation is unwavering. We want to say and prove to all women that, “you are not alone!”

Pillars Of Our Work

Bedrocks of Ethiopian Feminism

Herstorical Feminist Action in Ethiopia and unpacking women’s traditional forms of resistance to inequality



Ongoing and contemporary articulation of Ethiopian Feminism

Ethiopian Languages, Media, and Educational

Curriculum Transformation to fuel lasting ideological changes in our country


Strategic Sisterhood and Solidarity as political, necessary, and transformative feminist action.

Our Activism

Setaweet and our partners at the Swedish Embassy in Addis Ababa hosted #AriffAbbat (‘Great Dad’) photo competition and exhibition in December 2017 which in encouraging active fatherhood, brought together photos of Ethiopian fathers with their Swedish counterparts. Setaweet has taken part in several feminist campaigns such as #PagumeActivism, led by our partners at the Yellow Movement which brings to light everyday instances of sexism in the five-day month of Pagume (early September) and Setaweet co-convened the first Feminist Film Festival, Anchi Hoye, with the Yellow Movement in May 2018. Setaweet took part in the ‘Inspiring Women’ exhibition organized by the Goethe Institute in August 2017, and helped organize the ‘Nothing for Granted’ photo competition and exhibition by the European Union in March 2018 where women from five communities came together to learn basic photography skills and afterwards submitted their photos for a competition.

Most notably, Setaweet organized #WhatSheWore, an exhibit of the outfits worn by survivors at the time of their rape in November 2018, sparking a national conversation and a wide coverage on rape culture in general, and on victim-blaming in particular, on most media outlets reporting on Ethiopian events.


Warning Graphic imagery

Bringing Media Attention to

Acid Attacks

Setaweet engages on acid attacks as a special and new form of violence that is currently on the rise and we have played a key role in bringing media attention to the recent cases – that of Meseret Nigussie, Atsede Nigussie (no relation), Chaltu Abdi and Melat Tessema.  Setaweet has also held fund-raisers to support Meseret and Atsede in 2017. Setaweet is currently running a campaign named #Chaltu_Lemin_Motech, after Chaltu Abdi, a 14-year old who died in August 2018 from third-degree burns by an unidentified liquid. The campaign is supported by a nation-wide petition to show the support from our community for a better consideration for acid attacks.

Meet Our Team

Sehin Teferra (PhD)

Sehin Teferra (PhD)

Co-founder of Setaweet Movement

Sehin obtained a PhD in Gender Studies from SOAS, University of London in 2015. የሬካ እናት: የሊበን እናት

Nardos Meles

Nardos Meles

Gender-shop Project Manager

Background in Marketing

Alexander Yohannes

Alexander Yohannes

Head of Men’s Affairs

Job Title/Position: Head of Men’s Affairs
BA in Global Studies and IR
Current Cinematography Student
Immense Passion for Social Justice

Samrawit “Kecho” Genet

Samrawit “Kecho” Genet

Conference and Journal Coordinator

BA in Africana Studies and Anthropology
MA Pan African Studies and Women and Gender Studies

Kamlaknesh Yasin

Kamlaknesh Yasin

Digital Marketing Manager

BA in computer science
Interested in gender equality, everywhere.

Loza Tsegaye

Loza Tsegaye

Project Coordinator

A lawyer by profession
Passionate about human rights particularly disadvantaged girls and women in Ethiopia.

Metti Girma

Metti Girma


Medical Student