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Setaweet is a home-grown and uniquely Ethiopian feminist movement which was founded in July 2014.  One of the many activities she undertakes is ‘The Setaweet Circle’;  a women-only group that meets every second Tuesday of the month to discuss on feminist topics. The Setaweet Open Sessions which are open to all members of the public feature authors and academicians discussing aspects of Ethiopian culture from a feminist perspective.

Setaweet also engages extensively with mainstream media as well as social media, as well as on periodic campaigns such as #አሪፍአባት #AriffAbbat (a photo competition and exhibition on active fatherhood), and #PagumeActivism on everyday sexism. The custodian of the Setaweet Movement is Setaweet PLC, the first feminist research and training company in Ethiopia which offers tailor-made gender equality services for schools, agencies and corporate companies. The services rendered are on assertiveness, women’s leadership at the workplace, sexual harassment and gender-based violence. The flagship project of Setaweet PLC is the 'Gendershops' pilot project, a feminist curriculum for secondary school students dealing with femininity and masculinity, healthy relationships and positive self-image.

In terms of research, Setaweet is currently undertaking a ‘bedrocks’ research into the Ethiopian context for feminist work in an effort to understand the activism of previous generations, including women activists in the Students’ Movement of the 1970’s, as well as more traditional forms of resistance to inequality.

የሴታዊት ራዕይ 'አልነካም' ባይ ሴቶች እና ለጥቃት የማይጋበዙ ወንዶች የበዙበት ትውልድ ተፈጥሮ ማየት ነው፡፡


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