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The Gendershops are a series of feminist workshops held with Secondary School students in Addis Ababa.

Gendershops project aims to create a critical shift in consciousness regarding gender norms within highschools in order to reduce the school community’s tolerance to Gender-Based Violence.

The gendershops is a one day interactive gender workshop for secondary school students. It aims to generate transformational shifts in the mindsets and consciousness of young boys and girls.

In order to help students reflect on their identities, the training is carefully designed with the guidance of gender experts. They are also mapped with the conceptualization of the schools as ecosystems; activities, scenarios, and contextualization were based on the realities within the schools. Moreover, they are participatory, using engaging and relevant tools and exercises such as games, critiques of popular music videos and feminist deconstruction of given names.

A hallmark of the Gendershop is the ‘women only’/’men only’ sessions that Setaweet facilitates, the latter with a male facilitator and with a safe space created to question the components of normative masculinity.

Creating a critical shift in consciousness around gender norms within the schools in order to reduce the school community’s tolerance to gender-based violence

The workshop invites participants to critically look at gender relations in the school, question dominant forms of masculinities and femininities, challenge gender-based stereotypes as well as sexist narratives. It helps the participants to identify gendered norms that traps their identities, the male privileges and forms of women’s inferiority that makes violence possible.

The Gendershops training is delivered by our experienced volunteer trainers who have been working with Setaweet in various public and private schools in Addis Ababa. So far, our team trained over 2,000 students in six different schools in the first phase of the project. In the following phases, Setaweet plans to take the training nationwide.