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Setaweet Circles

On the first Tuesday of each month of Setaweet holds a circle at our offices on various topics from female friendships, to periods, and self love to name a few. Stay tuned on our social media channels to know the topics for the coming month. Women only.

Every Three Months

Open Session

Once every three months, we host sessions open to the public. These often feature authors and academics discussing various aspects of Ethiopian culture from a feminist perspective. To name a few, Setaweet has organized a discussion with Haregewoin Cherinet, author of ’Set ena Ahiya’ on the role of women in the Ethiopian Orthodox` Church, and, Konjit Berhan, a former fighter within the EPRP about the armed struggle of the 1970’s as a woman.


Join the Movement

There Are So Many Ways to Lend a Helping HandWe frequently have calls where we need support from the community. Follow us on social media to be updated when we need volunteer support.