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Alegnta 6388

Alegnta 6388 is a free of charge Gender-Based Violence hotline that provides in-depth counseling and referral services for gender-based violence.

After hosting the #WhatSheWore exhibition Setaweet has been approached by scores of survivors who visit the office, call or send messages over email or Facebook with the desire to discuss their experiences. As the Setaweet team felt ill-equipped to deal with this demand, a team of interns worked to assess the available medical, legal, and psycho-social support services.  The team learned that there is a limited resource to help sexual violence survivors in Addis Ababa. 

Our professionals provide first-response to callers by allowing callers to speak freely about sensitive/ private feelings without embarrassment

Due to the above-mentioned gap in the system, Setaweet brought about the innovative idea to establish the GBV hotline to serve individuals and the community at large to provide information, psychological counseling, and appropriate referral for callers Our hotline offers a high-quality counseling service with trained and qualified counselors focusing on rape, domestic violence, sexual harassment, marital rape, acid attack, forced confinement, forced marriage, verbal/psychological abuse, child marriage, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) cyberbullying, and trafficking.   We empower callers to make decisions. They will also provide accurate information to callers, correcting any misinformation in a way that makes the caller at ease. The referral component of the service will direct callers to the appropriate agency for effective support using an updated referral directory.