Redefining Traditional Maculinity


Setaweet and our partners at the Swedish Embassy in Addis Ababa hosted #AriffAbbat (‘Great Dad’) photo competition and exhibition.

It was held in December 2017 at Addis Ababa Museum, and #AriffAbbat 2.0 in March 2019 in Mekelle City.  The exhibitions were organized by the Setaweet in collaboration with the Swedish Embassy. The exhibitions brought together photos of Ethiopian fathers with their Swedish counterparts. The photos of the Swedish dads were from the “Swedish Dads” photo exhibition by the photographer, Johan Bävman which is currently being exhibited in different parts of the world. The featured photos of Ethiopian dads were selected from a photo competition held in Ethiopia.

The aim of #AriffAbbat was to show through personal narratives, the advantages of sharing parental leave and to generate dialogue and awareness on the role of fathers. 

Moreover, the project aimed to boost international interest in and understanding the advantages of gender equality in parenthood.Setaweet put together a panel discussion on the opening day of the exhibitions. In both cities, panelists raised feminist views and opinions. The audiences were enthusiastic, interactive, and were asking questions about the definition and characteristics of a ‘Great Dad’. The photos were selected based on their positive messages that contribute to gender equality, and a father’s shared responsibilities in raising children in the Ethiopian society.