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Setaweet Outside of Addis

Hamrawi Setaweet

Hamrawi Setaweet, which was founded three years ago by the University of Gondar Students identify herself as the little sister of the Setaweet Movement.Every other week, Hamrawi movement organizes “Gojo Talks” (የጎጆ ወግ), which creates the platform in which university students can have discussions on a wide range of topics related to gender. So far, discussions have been about rape culture, gender roles, feminism, toxic masculinity, etc. Members of the movement also keep a strong connection with the Gender Office of the University and create awareness among female students about campus policies on sexual assault and support. The movement has also assisted students who have been victims of sexual assault through proceedings. Moreover, Hamrawi has collaborated with EMSA (Ethiopian Medical Students Association), Gondar, to give training to high school students in Wereta Town.


SETATA is an aspiring feminist movement commenced by March 2018 GC, based in Wolaita Sodo, Ethiopia. It was found by a group of high school students to bring a paradigm shift in the definition of womanhood in their society.The movement built a sisterly psychological ecosystem through different mechanisms such as social media discussions, literature clubs, school magazine articles, blogging. SETATA also hosts a community radio show after its name that aires once a week to enable, empower, and amplify the voices of silenced women.