The #ምንለብሳነበር (#WhatSheWore) exhibited clothes worn by rape survivors at the time of their sexual assault

The exhibition was accompanied by the stories from the survivor themselves. The exhibition was held at Addis Ababa, Gondar, Wolaita, and Dire Dawa. The #ምንለብሳነበር(#WhatSheWore) exhibition initially was presented at Addis Ababa Museum between November 25 - December 10, 2018, as a collaboration between Setaweet, the Embassy of Sweden, and UNWomen. The exhibit created a strong impact in Addis Ababa, with an average of 200 visitors daily, and features in most Ethiopian media as well as international media such as the Washington Post and CGTN. As a result, the exhibition grew into a regional project traveling to Gondar, Wolaita, and DireDawa.

The Gondar #ምንለብሳነበር (#WhatSheWore) exhibition was held at Inyie Takele Cultural HallFrom July 27 to August 2, 2019. On August 3 2019 the #WSW exhibition was displayed at the Medical University of Gondar’s White Coat ceremony where many students were present and viewed the exhibition. The exhibition at Wolaita was at Gutera Hall between October 24-31, 2019. The Head of Wolaita Zones Women, Children and Youth bureau as well as Sodo Zone’s Women, Children and Youth Head were present. #WhatSheWore Dire Dawa Edition from Jan 29 - Feb 3, 2020, was a success with over 50 people present at the opening day.  Setaweet took the #WSW stories to Dire Dawa University students zero plan bi-weekly gathering, which is a women-only meeting so that female university students can read and discuss the stories.  In all the cities #WSW traveled panel discussions were organized as part of the  opening ceremony. All in all, the panel discussions were interactive and focused on sexual violence, rape culture, and victim-blaming. They answered questions like what rape is, where to go if rape occurs, and what friends/ family can do to mitigate the problem. Moreover, polices and laws protecting women from gender-based violence were discussed. 

The audiences raised local solutions for the problems their community is facing.