Timeline of Setaweet’s activities relating to conflicts (November 2020 – June 2023)

Misikir documentary
June 2022 – July 2023

Trauma-centered Healing in Tigray
May 2023 – Ongoing

National Women’s Conference: focus on the importance of humanitarian aid, the need for reconciliation, empathy, and healing among women
April 2023

Reeyot Alemu’s conversation with Sehin Teferra on women’s participation in politics, GBV, and rape as a weapon of war in Ethiopia
January 2023

የ16 ቀናት የፀረ-ጾታዊ ጥቃት ዘመቻ #“አሁንም አልረፈደም!” የ2015 ሴታዊት ንቅናቄ መልዕክት
November 2022

Sehin Teferra’s Comments on CSO joint-call for Peace and Accountability on Addis Insight
October 2022

Fundraising for displaced mothers in Afar
The event showcased a documentary film – Aster Zaoude & Friends in partnership with Afar Pastoralist Development Association (APDA) present War and Displacement: Building Houses for people displaced by War in Afar 
September 2022

አስቸኳይ የሰላም ጥሪ ከአገር በቀል የሲቪል ማኅበረሰብ ድርጅቶች
Joint Peace Call September 2022

News coverage of the call for peace
September 2022

Sehin Teferra’s Commentary on Ethiopian Business Review – The End of the Beginning: The Charade of Representational Politics Needs to Give Way to Substantive Gains in Gender Justice
May 2022

Held meeting on the topic of Women and Conflict in Ethiopia – An overview of the situation of women in conflict and displacement setting in Ethiopia: a glimpse into a hidden world
April 2022

Position Statement of the Coalition for Women’s Representation in the Ethiopian National Dialogue
April 2022

Sehin Teferra’s interview with Reeyot Alemu on Violence Against Women
February 2022

አዲስ ማለዳ ጋዜጣ ላይ የወጣ መልዕክት – የሴቶች ጥቃት የፖለቲካ ፍጆታ መሆኑ ይቁም!
November 2021 Addis Maleda newspaper Hidar 11 edition

የአዲስ ዓመት የሰላም ጥሪ ከአገር በቀል የሲቪል ማኅበረሰብ ድርጅቶች
September 2021

Setaweet Launched #blanketdrive Campaign
June 2021

MeQenet Show’s episode on Sexual Violence within Conflicts
March 2021

Discussion on The Impact of Conflict on Women and Girls in Ethiopia
February 2021

Fundraiser for displaced women in Metekel zone in collaboration with NEWA
December 2020

Statement on the beginning of the conflict
November 2020


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