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Setaweet (meaning ‘of woman’) in Amharic is a contemporary feminist movement founded in July 2014. We are a home-grown, grassroots, and uniquely Ethiopian collective of women and men who are dedicated to the empowerment and liberation of all Ethiopian women and men.

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The Setaweet Story

Setaweet started as a women-only group that meets every second Tuesday of the month to discuss various personal topics from a feminist perspective. This grew into the Setaweet Open Sessions, which are open to all members of the public and feature authors and academics discussing aspects of Ethiopian culture from a feminist perspective. In these consciousness-building discussions and presentations, we engage the Ethiopian community at large and reinforce the importance of having both women and men working towards gender equality in our country.


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We want to say to women,

you are not alone!

Our Activism

Different Campaigns

Setaweet and our partners at the Swedish Embassy in Addis Ababa hosted #AriffAbbat (‘Great Dad’) photo competition and exhibition in December 2017 which in encouraging active fatherhood, brought together photos of Ethiopian fathers with their Swedish counterparts. Setaweet has taken part in several feminist campaigns such as #PagumeActivism, led by our partners at the Yellow Movement which brings to light everyday instances of sexism in the five-day month of Pagume (early September) and Setaweet co-convened the first Feminist Film Festival, Anchi Hoye, with the Yellow Movement in May 2018.

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Featured Blog Posts

Changing the NARRATIVE

Michael G. Behailu, March 8th 2018 marked the 42nd Women’s Day celebrated in Ethiopia. The role of women in our country has been fairly muted compared to their male counterparts. They have been undervalued, underappreciated and...

First time

By Hanna Bergman, Let me tell you about my first experience of a Setaweet circle. I came here from Sweden with next to no Amharic speaking abilities. Luckily enough a kind woman was able to translate for me during the whole Setaweet...

The Implication of Sahlework’s Presidential Appointment

By Michael G. Behailu, The buzz was hard to miss, when Sahlework Zewdie, a prior ambassador, was appointed as the new President of Ethiopia. Rarely have I seen such a political uproar (a positive one) in the country. In a parliamentary...

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