Peace Building

Movement Building

Setaweet is implementing this project as part of the Consortium for Human Rights, Dialogue, and Democracy (CHRDD) under the project named Promoting Inclusiveness in Society through Rights-Based Research, Dialogue, and Advocacy.

CHRDD is a coalition of seven newly founded civil society organizations working across Ethiopia on various issues including human rights, media freedom, gender equality, conflict resolutions, peace-building, etc. The project will be implemented with the leadership of the Center for Advancement of Rights and Democracy (CARD) as a lead partner. Taking part in the Consortium,

This project is in effect to explore opportunities of partnering with indigenous institutions in and outside of Addis Ababa by reaching out to faith-based leaders and associations, grassroots women’s groups including Edirs and Equbs, Siinqee, Hanfala, Ateete Goraa, and local NGOs.

Setaweet is committed to this activity in acknowledgment of the concentration of most of the gender-based rights organizations in Addis Ababa, the existence of several customary women’s rights institutions in Ethiopia that are protecting women, defending their rights, and working towards peace and stability within the communities. 


This activity is expected to contribute to the Consortium’s project objective project work towards the creation of robust, inclusive, and diverse civic and media space as well as to enhance the partnerships between civic organizations through research, capacity building of formal and informal civic associations, and grassroots movements, and by creating human rights-based dialogue platforms to protect the civic space in addition to mitigating conflicts and peace-building.