Tesfaweet was initiated to build on the success of the TESFA Project implemented by CARE Ethiopia in that project area.

Setaweet is implementing this project in Debre Tabor, close to the TESFA project area, and building on our existing relationship with Debre Tabor University where two Setaweet team members have already initiated the creation of a Circle, following training on sexual harassment for the staff of the university. Lastly, the existing Circle at Gonder University Medical School which is located in the nearby town of Gonder is a great source of support for the feminist movement building aim of the project. 

Tesfaweet, the project to benefit married girls in Farta Woreda close to Debre Tabor, addresses child marriage, which is a major gender equality issue in most parts of Ethiopia, but particularly in the Amhara Region, where the median age of marriage, according to the 2016 Ethiopian Demographic Health Survey, remains at 15. A majority of Ethiopian girls are still married before they turn 19, and almost always drop out of school to take care of their husbands and children. A project that addresses marrying girls specifically provides an opportunity to share empowering tools with an otherwise disempowered group of young women.