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Ethiopian academia is dominated by the voices of men and most research produced focuses on issues that only men deem to be important. Moreover, academic research about gender is non-existent because gender as a category of difference is not sufficiently politicized. This has resulted in gender inequality issues and the impacts that follow are insufficiently investigated. The scarcity in academic research and publishing has also created gaps in Ethiopian women’s learning and critical engagement towards gender.

To address this issue, Setaweet published peer-reviewed academic articles on gender and Ethiopian women broadly related to exclusion, politics of intimacy and motherhood, narratives, intersectional, gendered identities as well as representation by women researchers across the country.

The academic articles are published both online and print

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To ensure the quality of the final output and provide a proper support system to selected scholars, Setaweet has conducted skill building workshop online for shortlisted scholars focusing on academic feminist writing and the application of feminist theories by Dr. Elizabeth Woldegiorghis, who is the former director of the Institute of Ethiopian Studies and the Dean of the College of Performing and Visual Arts of Addis Ababa University.

The academic articles are published both online and print. Hard copies of the journal will be distributed, free of charge, to all public universities and the Ethiopian national library.

Read the journal online by clicking this link.