Past Projects


Writing our Rights

Setaweet published peer-reviewed academic articles on gender and Ethiopian women broadly related to exclusion, politics of intimacy and motherhood, narratives, intersectional, gendered identities as well as representation by women researchers across the country.



#ምንለብሳነበር (#WhatSheWore)

The #ምንለብሳነበር (#WhatSheWore) exhibited clothes worn by rape survivors at the time of their sexual assault, accompanied by the stories from the survivor themselves. The exhibition was held at Addis Ababa, Gondar, Wolaita, and Dire Dawa.




Gendershops project aims to create a critical shift in consciousness regarding gender norms within highschools in order to reduce the school community’s tolerance to Gender-Based Violence.



Scholars' Program

The Ethiopian Women Scholars Program supported a team of Ethiopian female researchers from five different universities around Ethiopia with research, academic writing skills, mentorship, and coaching.This program was run by Setaweet in collaboration with the Global Research Network on Parliaments and People and SOAS, University of London. From a poll of applicants, female scholars were picked and offered a grant from 1,000 – 5,000 UKP, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council to undertake their research.


RedefiningTraditional Masculinity

Arif Abat

Setaweet and our partners at the Swedish Embassy in Addis Ababa hosted #AriffAbbat (‘Great Dad’) photo competition and exhibition in December 2017 at Addis Ababa Museum, and #AriffAbbat 2.0 in March 2019 in Mekelle City. The exhibitions were organized by the Setaweet in collaboration with the Swedish Embassy. The exhibitions brought together photos of Ethiopian fathers with their Swedish counterparts.



Setaweet’s Mini-Library

Setaweet with the help of donors has set up a Mini-Library with books that explore culture, history, politics, oppression and so forth.We at Setaweet believe that access to information, knowledge, history and culture is crucial to all human beings, especially often-marginalized groups such as women and girls. You can become a member and start borrowing books by either paying 50 birr or donating a book.Our mini-library is open to everyone. Be a member and get your amazing book.

Every Three Months

Open Session

Setaweet hosts Open Sessions once in every three months. Our open sessions are open to all members of the public and feature authors and academics discussing aspects of culture from a feminist perspective. To name a few, Setaweet has organized a discussion with Haregewoin Cherinet, author of ’Set ena Ahiya on the role of women in the Ethiopian Orthodox` Church, and, Konjit Berhan, a former fighter within the EPRP about the armed struggle of the 1970’s as a  woman. In these consciousness-building discussions and presentations, we engage the Ethiopian community at large and reinforce the importance of having both women and men working towards gender equality in our country. If you want to be part of our sessions, follow Setaweet on its social media platforms to see the details of the events and join.


Setaweet Circles

Setaweet hosts a monthly circle every second Tuesday of every month according to the Ethiopian Calendar. It is a women-only event where women come together to share their personal stories and perspectives on various topics such as marriage, sex, parenting, feminism and so much more. Thus far, we have had discussions on wearing the hiab as a feminist choice, feminist marriage and parenting, sexism with advertising, beautify ideas and so much more.As usual our circles will be held in Amharic and we will be starting with “….. እኔ አላፍርም” (I am not sorry for…) statements. If you want to be part of our circles, follow Setaweet on its social media platforms to see the details of the events and join.