Our Work

What We Do

Women Movement

Movement Building

Setaweet is working towards strengthening the grassroots women’s movement through a series of dialogues and capacity-building programs with grassroots women’s groups in various locations of Amhara and Oromia Regional States in order to build a national feminist agenda.




Tesfaweet, the Married Girls’ Project is a series of workshops among young married women intended to address inequalities in access to education and opportunities through empowerment trainings.



Gendershops 2.0

The ‘Gendershops’ is a series of gender-focused workshops offered by Setaweet to secondary school students. The workshops are a two-day, highly participatory, and engaging platform that will encourage students to rethink their gendered roles. Participants will set goals, participate in critical discussions and discover a way forward that will create change in their school eco-system, and in their lives.


Call Center

Alegnta 6388

Alegnta 6388 is a free-of-charge Gender-Based Violence hotline that provides in-depth counseling and referral services for gender-based violence.




The Data Project intends to understand how gender-based violence is being reported, and how it is being recorded at the selected police stations, in order to provide data-driven insight on the critical gap impacting the availability of data on Gender-based violence in Addis Ababa.



ልክ አይደለም

ልክ አይደለም is a campaign that aims to implement a bold and visible media campaign to problematize gender-based violence in Addis Ababa.We plan the transmission of the campaign through. Radio programs, TV commercials, Training, Social media (Facebook, Telegram…. ), Printing (brochures, posters …), and Billboards.



Writing our Rights

Setaweet published peer-reviewed academic articles on gender and Ethiopian women broadly related to exclusion, politics of intimacy and motherhood, narratives, intersectional, gendered identities as well as representation by women researchers across the country.


Combating violence

Acid Attack Campaign 

Setaweet considers acid attack as a special and new form of violence that is currently on the rise. Regarding this issue, the Setaweet team has played a key role in bringing media attention to the recent cases – that of Meseret Nigussie, Atsede Nigussie (no relation), Chaltu Abdi and Melat Tessema.Setaweet has successfully run a campaign named #Chaltu_Lemin_Motech (#why_did_chaltu_die), after Chaltu Abdi, a 14-year old who died in August 2018 from third-degree burns by an unidentified liquid. The campaign is supported by a nation-wide petition to show the support from our community for a better consideration by the law for acid attacks.Setaweet also held fund-raisers to support Meseret and Atsede in 2017, who are victims of acid attack.Furthermore, Setaweet presented a Shadow report titled “ Gender at the juncture of Political Reform” to the Ethiopian criminal justice working group that has been working on changing the procedural law of Ethiopia with the title "The case for reforming criminal procedure laws on gender based violence".

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